A couple of years ago, Danny Higgins was Executive Creative Director for McCann Singapore. The charming and excellent Jit Sandhu had written a commercial and done some outdoor ads for a very popular Asian messaging app called LINE and the brilliant John Park was booked to direct it. Danny couldn’t go on the shoot but he thought it would be good to have someone along who had plenty of experience - as he put it to me chatting on the phone, ‘You see Al, in Asia grey hair is respected.’ So he asked me to come out on a two week freelance contract. I pitched up at the office on the Monday
morning ready to go straight into a pre-production meeting with the client. Danny and I hadn’t seen each other for a while and just before we went in Danny hung back and 
whispered in my ear: ‘Bloody hell Al, we’re the 
same age, you’re meant to have grey hair by now!’ LINE Agency: McCann Singapore