The Teacher Training Agency commercial was directed by Mehdi Norowzian and we shot it on the huge expanse of beach at Southport near Liverpool. We had a decent budget and Mehdi had a half size replica of
the Wright brothers’ plane built and then he suspended it from a crane. The crane swung it round in circles giving the illusion that the plane was flying. He also used a drone to capture the swooping shots of how the pilot would have seen the flight. They say that sound is 70% of a film and we used Ross Gregory at Aardvark Sound for the soundtrack. What I remember most 
is removing instrument after instrument until we were left with this spine tingling piece. Less is more. Mehdi and Ross did an amazing job and David Putnam said that our TTA ad was his favourite commercial of all time. Blush! Teacher Training Agency
Agency: Delaney Fletcher Bozell