Chrysler Jeep
While at DFB we also worked on the Chrysler Jeep account, writing a tv commercial and doing some press. We went over to Arizona to shoot the tv with Marek Kanievska from RSA Films directing. The location finder had found a remote river bank where we could dig a swampy hole for our unfortunate fisherman to fall into (needing the Jeep to pull him out) but we were there and setting up to shoot when we found out that instead of the river bank being earth and mud, just a few feet down it was solid rock. So we needed to make a hole in the rock bed but before we could do anything we had to get permission from the native Indian tribe because it was sacred land. RSA sorted it out with that simple thing called cash and having been granted permission, a pneumatic drill was brought in. So there we were, hundreds of miles from anywhere, hammering away, just like you see in Piccadilly Circus!
Agency: Delaney Fletcher Bozell