London Underground In the early 90s my wife and I decided to leave our jobs and backpack through Asia to Australia, New Zealand and back. I took my tv ads on a VHS and a box of slides of my print work on the off chance of finding work. On the way back we got very low on
money in Bali and thought I had better try to get some work in Singapore. I went to see Ian Batey and played the reel and showed the slides. He offered me 4 weeks work on a pitch and then we were back on the trail up to the PhiPhi islands in Thailand. The relevance of this is that when we
got back to the UK I teamed up with Paul Evans, also an ex Saatchi creative, a great writer, great guy and probably the best judge of ads I've worked with. There was a recession so a job was a job and we got offered a place at FCB in 
St Martin’s Lane. We thought FCB still had some good accounts so we took it. The London Underground was one of them and we saw two shorts on Mehdi Norowzian’s reel that we thought would make a great campaign for the Tube. He gave his permission but the client didn’t buy it. (Mehdi’s idea was later controversially ‘borrowed’ by Guiness.) But we put it into our portfolio and it helped get us into our next agency, BBH. Agency: FCB